Ching Shi Lin Instruments Store









Ching Shi Lin Instruments Store was founded on October, 1999. It is the first instruments store to innovate Taiwan drum instruments of whole Taiwan. No matter the improvements and designs of traditional drums or the designs of Taiwan particular drums are the specialist skills of Taiwan. What Ching Shi Lin has created are large Arhan drum, small Arhan drum, hero paigu, Chao Yang drum, large Chao Yang drum and personalized drum rack, traditional lion drum, Da Tong drum, Siao Tang drum, Ban drum, Song Jiang drum, and Tong Zai drum. There are many instruments made on the conception of environmental protection. The envelopes are made by compressed wood pulp fiber, and can be beaten by hands and drum sticks. Also, they can prevent to be bitten by bugs. They are easy to preserve and weatherproof. The most important is the new type drum can be adjusted to beautiful harmony to present wonderful state of drum art. The instrument store also acts for many Chinese percussion instruments. It is a diversified instrument store.