Chingxilin Instrument Store, founded in October, 1999, is the first musical instrument store committed to innovating Taiwan drum instruments. Whether it’s redesigned traditional drums or Taiwan special drums, the drum-making technology is unique in Taiwan. The products available include: big and small Arhat drums, warrior drum set, Chaoyang drum, large Chaoyang drum and dedicated drum stand. It also manufactures traditional lion drum, Datong drum, small drum, frame drum, Songjiang Drum and Tongzai drums.

Many of the instruments are fabricated eco-friendlily. The frame is made of compressed wood fiber. The drum may be played with hands or drumsticks and are insect proof. It is easy to store, unaffected by climate and moisture.

The most important thing is the new drums are tunable to have perfect musical presentation.

The instrument store also sells other Chinese percussion instruments made of metal, wood, stone or leather. It is a manufacturer and dealer of diversified musical instruments.