Hsieh-Ten Percussion Art Group - Brief Introduction
Introduction To The Hsieh Ten Drum Art Percussion:
The Ten Percussion Group was formed in March of 2000. The group is lead by Hsieh Shi. Since it's culmination, the group has traveled to perform several times outside of Taiwan. In June of 2002, Ten-Percussion performed in Sydney, Australia. In 2001 the group performed their 'Ten Thousand Drum' show, with 250 drummers performing together, at the Yi Zai Jin Cheng, in Tainan. And in May of 2002 the group performed in Korea at the opening of the World Cup soccer finals. The school also organizes a national drum competition in Taiwan, every August. This competition includes several performances by original drum composers.
Up til now, the Ten-Percussion group has put out more than 300 performances around Taiwan. We have videos of the group performing at National Holiday Festivals in Taiwan and at International Concerts around the island. Besides performing and preparing for performances, Hsieh Shi teaches regularly and continually works on his own compositions. The Ten Percussion School has it's own performance hall and art museum. We anticipate that Ten Percussion School will continue to grow on to our next generations. The statement of this drumming group and school is to develop and spread knowledge of our traditional drumming, percussion music, and worldly culture. We look forward to performing more on international stages, and becoming an internationally recognized group, both inside and outside of Taiwan.
Group Leader Hsieh-Ten's Profile

Hsieh-Ten was born in 1972 in the Kaoshiung district of Taiwan. He was educated, thru high school, in Tainan. Then pursued university studies in West Virginia, USA. He learned to play Taoist gongs & drums from his parents, beginning at the age of 3. Hsieh-Ten is very skilled at performing traditional drum compositions, especially on the Teochew's drum, Waken Lion Drum, and on row-drums. He is constantly exploring and researching world percussion-music.
Hsieh-Ten montributes a lot to the teaching of percussion art and music production, and works to impart the art of traditional gong and drum into peoplesÕ daily lives.
Had held:
  Group leader of Kaoshiung City National Youth of Percussion Group, Group leader of Tainan City National Art Community Chinese Music Group, Member of Kaoshiung City National Symphony, Director of Art of Long Yin Percussion Art Group.
Currently Holding: 
  Group Leader of Hsieh-Ten Percussion Art Group, Person in Charge of Hsieh-Ten Percussion Teaching Centre.
Master piece:
  mVictory over Chained Horses¡n,¡mRighteous Revolution of Wa Gang¡n, ¡mThe Road of Silk¡n,¡mRhythm of a Waken Lion¡n,¡mBragging Cock¡n,¡mLegend of Lu Er Men -- Door of Taiwan¡n¡mGalloping Dragon over the Sky¡n,¡mDrum Dance of Nine Tribes¡n, ¡mGrateful Thanksgiving to Threesome Gods of Tao¡netc.
Organisation of Percussion Group
Group Leader - Chief Executive - Financial - Administration - Marketing - Planning & Development - Performance - Technical - Research/Compose - Transportation - Charity
Hsieh-Ten Percussion Art -- ¡mYouth Group¡n2 Groups 60 People
Hsieh-Ten Percussion Art -- ¡mChildren's Group¡n3 Groups 50 People
Hsieh-Ten Percussion Art -- ¡mPreschool Group¡n1 Group 10 People
Future Edition --¡mMusical Lab Group¡n1 Group 15 People

Major performances

For the past 2 years, since our establishment, we've been representing Taiwan and Tainan City by participating in various important events performances, both locally and abroad. Some of the shows The Ten Percussion group has performed are: The 2002 Olympics in Sydney, Australia; The Holy Fire Road Show, Taipei International Art 2001; The Million Drums musical concert, with 250 people on stage drumming in the premier historical city of ¡iYi Zai Jin Cheng¡j; National Art Competition 2000-2001; The Kaoshiung International Drum festival, And The Kaoshiung International Light festival in 2002. The group has performed a total of over 300 shows.
Our members and students build up strong drumming foundations, from learning basics as young as four years old, and nurturing skills thru high school and college, mastering techniques in working towards becoming specialists, with hopes to deliver drumming culture into next and future generations. In the effort to expand our percussion-music culture into a global-percussion music culture, we've invited various world-class percussionists and composers to give master classes, lectures and seminars, to share and exchange worldy percussion techniques.
(Aimed towards making Taiwan known worldwide as a "Musical Island of Percussion Art". The Ten Percussion Group is growing, with over one thousand members today, including: Two youth groups; Three children groups; One preschool group; and about 30 groups which are formed in schools and civil associations.)



2000 ¡V Performance on the 2000 Olympic Movement
2002 ¡V Performance on the Korea/Japan World Cup
2004 ¡V Held the Taiwan International Drum Festival
2004 ¡V August 7th , broke the Guinness World Records ¡V 1899 people played 1951 drums for 30 minutes in Tainan Municipal Stadium


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